High spec entertainment system for luxury Cotswolds residence - Veritais
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High spec entertainment system for luxury Cotswolds residence

High spec entertainment system for luxury Cotswolds residence

11:55 09 February in AV, Installation, Residential

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Veritais has just completed another ultra-high residential audio-visual specification. The newly built six-bedroom detached residence, in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside in England, features a very comprehensive entertainment system with TV screens, sound systems and simple to use control devices in virtually every room, all controlled from Control4 software centralised in a wall-mounted rack including 4TB NAS Drive for media storage (with RAID setup), wireless access point and Ethernet port.

Veritais has designed and installed a system which consists of 10 independent zones that can play video and audio sources locally as well as sharing the centrally stored media. The rooms feature Dune HD / Control 4 / Sonos Media Clients allowing access to the complete music and movie library stored on the server.

“We were very pleased to be recommended to this client following a similar installation that we had done recently,” says David Milner of Veritais. “The client wanted simplicity and consistency throughout the property, and we have been able to deliver this through a bespoke easy to operate system, using the best products available while staying within the planned budget.”

iPad 2s in all the main bedrooms, two living room areas and kitchen provide full control of the rooms’ AV systems including the TV, Sky HD, Sonos, Dune HD Movie Streamer, and amplifier. The iPad 2 is loaded with bespoke Control4 software, and it just requires a simple touch of the onscreen buttons to activate the available choices. The Control4 GUI will also be shown on the TV in each room and can be controlled using a Zigbee remote control for as an alternative to the iPad.

Screens include 32” Samsung LED TV in four bedrooms including the master bedroom and 55” TVs of the same brand in the first floor study and living room area as well as the dining area. Each room also has a Dune HD Media Player for movie streaming from the central media library. Sonos amplifiers provide music streaming from the central media library and they also play the audio from the TV over the in-ceiling speakers which are fitted discreetly and liberally throughout the property. An all-in-one remote control provides full control of all AV in the room including the Sonos system.

In the main living room area a Blu-Ray Home Cinema System plays Blu-Rays, DVDs and CDs as well as playing the audio from the TV over the in-ceiling speakers. As with the other areas an iPad 2 provides full control of all AV in the room including the Sonos system and is supplied with iPad 2 Desk-Mount Dock and case. Other equipment includes a Sky HD Box 1TB and Silver Monitor Audio Centre Speaker to be mounted under TV. The kitchen is a sub-zone of the dining room and the in-ceiling speakers there play the same sounds.

The en-suite bathroom in the master bedroom has the additional luxury of a 22” waterproof TV fitted with in-ceiling speakers. The speakers in the en-suite also have the option to play the same audio as the master bedroom, as do speakers in the master bedroom dressing room.

The first floor bathroom is also a sub-zone with in-ceiling speakers and plays the same audio as the living room / study.