Succesful debut at Homebuilding and Renovating Show - Veritais
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Succesful debut at Homebuilding and Renovating Show

Succesful debut at Homebuilding and Renovating Show

15:17 03 May in Uncategorised

Veritais enjoyed a successful few days at the recent Homebuilding and Renovating Show in April.  It was the first time that Veritais has exhibited at the show, which was held at the NEC just a few miles from Veritais’s head office in Tamworth, UK.

Veritais took the opportunity to showcase the company’s capabilities of consulting, designing and installations of audio and visual systems as well as control systems for lighting, heating and security.

Exhibiting at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show reflects the increased business that the company is receiving from the residential and commercial property sectors.  “We had a great deal of interest in our audio visual and other control systems at the show,” reports David Milner of Veritais.  “While we have our roots in installing sophisticated and high quality systems in superyachts, we are also able to carry out similar installations ashore.  We can now tailor our installations to be within the reach of the average household, not just the top end of the marketplace.”

He adds “Bringing our expertise from our installations on luxury superyachts, where a ‘no expense spared’ approach has enabled us to achieve innovative solutions, is now something we are passing on, adapted to fit every home owner’s budget.”

The company have expanded their residential sector over the past few years, working with top architects to design discreet systems, while introducing new innovations from frameless 3D, Ultra HD 4K TV screens to D-Box motion-seating cinema seats to invisible in-wall speakers which are plastered in during a room’s renovation phase.

During the show Veritais demonstrated just how simple a residence wide system of advanced audio and visual quality can be to operate. Their technicians greeted dozens of interested visitors and were able to talk through the installation process, from selecting top brand name components to how they work alongside building contractors to install wiring and connectivity solutions.