South Kensington town house gets full integrated system - Veritais
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South Kensington town house gets full integrated system

South Kensington town house gets full integrated system

17:03 03 February in Audio, Automation, AV, Design, Installation, Lighting, Music, Residential

A stunning, three story town house in London’s chic South Kensington district recently saw Veritais at work alongside designer Florio Bilinski prior to the property going on the market.

The installation is based around a central media server containing an extensive library of regular and HD movies, accessed from around the house via entertainment centres in each room. The family room has been fitted with a 55-inch HD 3D TV, connected to a Blu-ray / 3D home cinema system for the latest in video entertainment, entertainment centre and five surround sound speakers. A Sky+ HD is also installed in that room, and is accessible from the other zones. A touchscreen remote control ensures that no-one need leave their chair to change a channel or select other content.

The living room and master bedroom have a similar setup, though without the Blu-ray player and with stereo speakers, and 40 and 37-inch TVs respectively. These are concealed by picture lift panels when not in use, and which automatically rise out of the way when the TV is activated.

Additional features include a 20-inch waterproof TV in the master bathroom and two wireless access points.

To see the house and its interiors, go to