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Six-deck mega yacht gets Veritais upgrade

Six-deck mega yacht gets Veritais upgrade

09:38 10 July in Audio, AV, Design, Installation, Music, Yachts

Sleek superyacht Saint Nicholas, built by Lurssen, features vast and luxury guest spaces and spacious volumes within her 70m (230ft) length and, so when the yacht required a complete overhaul of her audio visual equipment, the specification was on a large scale, but well within the grasp of leading audio visual installation consultants Veritais.

The Veritais upgrade and installation means that the spaces and cabins on board all benefit from their own ability to control and choose entertainment whether sound or vision. In the cabins and ensuites, owner’s study, massage room, as well as six separate decks, including dining, saloon kids deck, bar, gym and Jacuzzi bar area, all are able to enjoy a simple touch screen system to listen to music and view just about anything on-screen.

Each of the cabins and areas are independent zones that can play video and audio sources locally as well as sharing the media stored on the existing Kaleidescape Network-Attached-Storage (NAS) Drive. Veritais has supplied all cabins and spaces with an iPad Mini loaded with an app for full control of the zone’s AV system including the TV, Amplifier, Media Player, DVD player, TV lift, lighting and heating.

Room Processors provided by control solutions company, RTI, who have worked closely with Veritais, allow access to the complete music library stored on the server and Apple TV so guests and crew can play back movies or music in each zone via Airplay. They can also play back Blu-Ray and DVD movies ripped onto the server via a Kaleidescape HD Media player.

Veritais have designed the entire system to be managed by an RTI XP-8s main controller. All areas are covered by wi-fi.

Veritais rewired all the various satellite decoders, DVD players, Apple TVs and Kaleidescape players so that the onboard TVs can now receive super sharp HD quality vision. The owners’ cabin and bridge decks all have the latest in visual quality with 55” 4K TVs while the other cabins and spaces all have large screen LED TVs as well.

In all the main spaces and cabins a Yamaha AV Receiver is connected to the existing speakers. The existing iPad Mini provides all zone control through the RTI app. A local Blu-Ray player is connected. An HDBaseT receiver installed provides connection to the main matrix and allows for independent access to the Kaleidescape movie server, Sky and satellite Decoders and Apple TV (locally installed). This means guests can watch Satellite TV and Movies from the server or send their own movies and music to the TV wirelessly using Airplay. Even the crew cabins and mess area have the same iPad Mini control.

Veritais have installed the 55” 4K TV behind a picture so it is hidden when not in use and only reveals itself when something is chosen to watch on the TV.

Gym and jacuzzi guests can tap on the iPad mini to choose music or send their own music from their personal devices to the speakers in the room. Veritais have put another giant 4K TV in the jacuzzi area so guests can enjoy a soak and a movie at the same time.

Veritais manages the Kaleidescape Movie Server & Players whose system consists of 19 Zoneplayers controlled by its main server. Utility areas like the galley, laundry, engine control room and tender garage also have a Sonos Zoneplayer connected to existing speakers, so there is never anywhere without the option to listen to music. Kaleidescape is the ultimate in browsing through your screen to find any of thousands of movies and recordings.

A main rack room houses all the control equipment which has been refurbished by Veritais. The company has also installed a mini PC and LCD console to allow remote programming of the system and an RTI 10” screen for monitoring the output of the 64×64 HDBaseT Matrix which allows all the sources to distribute in HD around the yacht to each TV. The installations may look complex but the controls are simple!

The elegance and spaciousness on board Saint Nicolas is evident. Entertainment systems and controls are discreetly integrated with the dark wood panelling and classic furnishing.