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Programming service for motor yacht Axioma

Programming service for motor yacht Axioma

11:34 09 December in Uncategorised

Veritais has just completed a programming project to improve the audio-visual functionality on board the 72 metre luxury motor yacht Axioma. The yacht, which has 20 crew, provides an exceptional experience for up to 12 charter guests in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Veritais was called in to offer expertise to optimise the on board audio visual system.

The upgrade on board Axioma was mainly software-based with a full rewriting of the AMX control system programming. When the Veritais team arrived at the yacht the crew had experienced a troublesome season following a previous poor installation of the AMX control system.

The company carried out a full diagnosis throughout all cabins and areas of the yacht and reprogrammed a number of settings to improve satellite options, Sky controls and speaker settings.

The system had clearly been added on in stages by various installers and the system was not working as a whole. For example there were many options and activities on the AMX panels in rooms that couldn’t access them.

These included removing DirecTV button from Satellite options and the Power button from the Sky page and RTVi page. Sky controls and keypads were updated, along with time display. Turn-off system was configured to turn off Zone output as well and speaker settings were checked.

Speakers were programmed to operate correctly in a number of cabins and bathrooms, as well as a number of replacements being made. Speakers were set to 2 channel stereo in the main saloon. The original AMX equipment, screens, amplifiers and DVD players are now working correctly following the reprogramming.

“Vertais carries out everyone from a full installation of completely new equipment, to programming projects such as this,” says David Milner of Veritais. “Our work with Axioma is a good example of how an existing onboard AV system can be optimised, and indeed needs to be overhauled from time to time.”

Veritais Ltd, based in the UK but providing a global service, is a leading consultancy and supplier of audio-visual systems for luxury yachts.

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