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Making your home or yacht work for you automatically.

Making your home or yacht work for you automatically.

17:22 03 February in Audio, Automation, AV, Lighting, Music, Residential

For example:

  • Remotely controlling lights and heating or air conditioning to turn on shortly before arrival, ensuring everything on the vessel is set to preference yet reducing energy consumption
  • Automating exterior running lights to allow the crew to move around safely
  • Adjusting the thermostat to ensure appropriate interior cabin temperatures
  • Providing GPS and navigation data through the television or touch screens so owners and onboard guests know the current location of the vessel and anticipated arrival
  • Triggering lights to automatically turn on, off or dim, based on detected light levels or specific times of the day
  • Opening and closing blinds, according to when the sun sets or the skies become cloudy to allow for optimum levels of natural light
  • Centralizing audio and video collections from multiple sources and allowing selection of music or movies by cover art from a single library from any room on the vessel.

With the new Control4 system upgrading your current expensive AV setup has never been easier. From only £2,500 per cabin you can have the award-winning Control4 system installed on your yacht. Remove the existing control system but keep the existing AV equipment and cabling.

For the minimum cost, price per cabin includes a single-user interface for all sources (makes system easy for charter guests):

  • Full HD Movie Playback with cover-art feedback on remote / iPad
  • Music streaming with cover-art feedback on remote / iPad
  • Group cabins / zones for party mode
  • View & Control CCTV
  • Lighting Control
  • Weather reports