Creekside holiday cottage audio and security system that’s easy to use - Veritais
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Creekside holiday cottage audio and security system that’s easy to use

Creekside holiday cottage audio and security system that’s easy to use

14:39 23 August in Uncategorised

A multiroom music system has been installed in an idyllic waterfront cottage in South Devon by Veritais.  The cottage is a holiday retreat for the owners and their family, who have already been very happy with the full audio installation that Veritais provided in their main residence in the Midlands before using the company again here in the beautiful south west coastal countryside.

The family were looking for a main audio distribution system where they could have access to online content including internet radio as well as all of the music stored on a computer, hard drive or iTunes library. Veritais designed this to be controlled by a NuVo Music System, where any mobile device can be the controller of the system, such as iPad, iPhone etc.  Many controllers can be added to the system as required. It’s all incredibly easy to use.

Music can also be sent straight from anyone’s device to the system without having to load it onto the media library.

All zones can be grouped together aka “Party Mode” or can be controlled individually.

Veritais have located NuVo players locally in each room and connected them to newly installed speakers throughout the property with two each in the kitchen and dining room ceilings and cube speakers in the master bedroom.  Bookshelf speakers are in the lounge and sitting room and there are waterproof box speakers in the front garden.

A 2TB hard drive was installed to backup of the client’s Apple devices (via an Apple Mac computer, while a new network provides full wireless coverage throughout the property.

For 24/7 security, CCTV professional HD cameras will record any unwanted intrusions and is monitored on a 27” HD screen. Both properties can also be viewed remotely via a smart app on a tablet.