Room by room entertainment, wi-fi and security for luxury Thames residence - Veritais
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Room by room entertainment, wi-fi and security for luxury Thames residence

audio visual installation

Room by room entertainment, wi-fi and security for luxury Thames residence

15:51 25 October in AV, Installation, Music

A luxury London residence just south of the Thames has benefitted from a full cutting edge audio visual installation throughout the property from Veritais, the leading consultancy and supplier of audio-visual systems for luxury properties and superyachts.

Sound systems including in-ceiling speakers and amplifiers give a fantastic listening experience and large screen 4K HD TVs are located in the main rooms. Key to it all is the Sonos system which controls the main audio distribution and has access to online content including internet radio as well as all the music stored on a computer, hard drive or iTunes library.

The centre piece is the professional level media room which features a 158” (366cm) projection screen mounted permanently on the media room wall. A top-of-the-range 4K JVC projector is mounted on the ceiling.  Seven high-performance in-wall cinema speakers and subwoofer are invisible and provide amazing surround sound, connected to a 7.1 Dolby Atmos AV Receiver.  A 3D Blu-Ray player allows for playback of Blu-Ray and DVD movies, with an Apple TV providing playback of iTunes purchases also allowing the owners to send their own movies to the system wirelessly by Airplay. A wireless music bridge allows playback of music via Airplay, Bluetooth or DLNA and the all-in-one remote control provides one-button activation for everything!

To get the best sound the cinema room has been treated with acoustic panels placed around the room in optimal positions to dampen or enhance frequencies for the ultimate sound experience.

It can be controlled by any personal devices and music can also be sent straight from your device to the system without having to load it onto the media library.

Throughout the house all zones can be grouped together in “Party Mode” or can be controlled individually. The interface is extremely easy to use.  The ‘family room’ and dining room both have systems centred around a 65” and 55” 4K LED TV respectively on a wall bracket with in-ceiling speaker system and subwoofer for great TV sound or listening to music.  A Blu-Ray player, Apple TV 4, Sky Box and Sonos Zoneplayer are connected to a Yamaha Aventage Receiver which allows you to watch Blu-Rays, DVDs, Sky HD and Freeview TV and also listen to CDs and music from the Sonos system. The family room also has a PlayStation and Wii.

The kitchen and dining room are linked with in-ceiling speakers and dining room amplifier. Garden speakers give full sound without the need for high volume and the sub-woofer is buried discreetly.

Further entertainment systems have been installed by Veritais in the bedrooms including in-ceiling speakers and TV connections.  The company has also created an optimised wireless network for the whole property while a door entry system with camera speaker can also be used via an app on the residents’ iPads.

A special recess has been constructed in the media room to accommodate the floor mounted rack for the core equipment.