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AV solutions for compact living

AV Solutions for compact living

AV solutions for compact living

11:31 05 June in Audio, AV, Residential, Veritais

It doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful. Veritais has demonstrated that a compact living space can enjoy an equally exceptional quality of vision and sound as the giant superyachts and palatial residences that the company regularly fit out.

A penthouse apartment in the Kings Cross area of London enjoys a prestigious location next to the Thames with views of barges across the water. Completely refurbished by the owner, a London professional, Veritais have helped her to attain her goal of achieving fully controllable and superb quality vision and sound throughout each room of the up-market two bedroom space.

In a project finished in October 2016, Veritais installed a system whose main audio distribution is controlled by a Sonos system which has access to online content including internet radio as well as all of the music stored on a computer, hard drive or iTunes library.

All typical devices, including iPad, iPhone and other smart devices can be the controller of the system and the app is free so as many controllers as required can be added to the system. Music can also be sent straight from any device to the system without having to load it onto the media library. All the rooms could be grouped together for one sound throughout, or can be controlled individually. Easy on screen guidance and selection buttons make control incredibly simple.

Kitchen and lounge share the same music while a bathroom speaker also links to the central Sonos player.

The central feature is the 55” Samsung Full HD Smart TV installed by Veritais on a wall bracket with access to Amazon Prime and Freeview TV courtesy of Amazon Fire TV and a Sonos Zoneplayer which is connected to a pair of Sonance in-ceiling speakers and with music coming from the Sonos system. Equipment is discreetly hidden in a cabin and an all-in-one remote control provides one-button activation of activities such as “Watch TV” or “Watch DVD” or alternatively an iPhone / Android app is also available to control the system from a personal device.

Veritais have placed a smart TV point in each bedroom connected to new cabling ready for Freeview, satellite and Smart functions. It is cleverly future-proofed for any new system to be added. An advanced Ubiquiti managed wireless network connects throughout the property, and handed over from each access point automatically so you can walk around the house without losing connection.