Smart Home: Birmingham - Veritais
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Smart Home: Birmingham



About This Project

Completed in 2016 this luxury smart home in Birmingham features a high-definition audio-visual system designed, specified, installed and commissioned by Veritais.


The system has been built around a Control4 system that provides the software and processing power for media distribution, and which in turn interfaces with the home’s main data system to allow single-point control of the lighting, heating, alarm, CCTV as well as the TV, movie and music systems. Portable and in-wall touch screens installed throughout allow the owners to control any aspect of the home from anywhere in the house. This same functionality also extends to their own tablets and phone even when away from the house.


A Kaleidescape Movie server system has been installed to store thousands of conventional and high definition movies along with tens of thousands of music tracks for streaming to any room.


A total of 7 TV screens have been installed throughout, the largest, 55-inch, TVs in the master bedroom and reception room and the smallest, a 43-inch TV installed in the 2nd kitchen. All TV rooms have access to their own Sky satellite TV channels as well as middle eastern chanels received over satellite and IP connections for a varied choice of broadcast entertainment. TVs in the master bedroom and reception room are installed behind a piece of artwork that covers the TV when it’s turned off and is rolled up to reveal the TV when required.


Each zone additionally has Apple TVs for Apple content as well as the ability to Airplay movies and music wirelessly from the owner’s Apple devices to the TVs and speakers. Each of the zones can be controlled either by a dedicated portable 7″ tablet or by using an iPad or iPhone equipped with the necessary app.


Sound in each room comes from Amina invisible speakers plastered into the walls and ceilings. This means the owner can listen to great quality music and movies without seeing a single speaker in any room. All rooms benefit from either 3.1, 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound from the invisible speakers.


On the second floor a luxury 4D home cinema has been installed. Designed from the ground up this room is acoustically treated to prevent sound leaking out of the cinema into the rest of the house as well as providing the optimum environment for sound quaility in the cinema itself by blocking out any extraneous noise and directing the sound waves around the room in the most optimum way. A Screen Research 140-inch electronic masked screen automatically changes its aspect ratio to match the movie or other video source being watched so the content always fills the screen. A professional-grade Runco 3-chip DLP projector produces amazing quality images, with the immersive cinema surround sound being provided by a Datasat amp/pre-amp combo driving a 7.2 Triad speaker and subwoofer system. D-Box motion cinema chairs are installed that move with the action on screen for a truly 4D experience. Motion can be adjusted or turned off to suit the user.


A full Control4 panelised lighting system was also installed throughout providing control of the entire home and garden’s 152 lighting circuits from the 52 keypads installed throughout. Being a smart lighting system any light in the house can be controlled from any keypad or touch screen throughout. An astrological clock built into the system provides activation of lighting scenes based on time of day, sunrise/sunset or other events such as when the electric gates or front door is opened. The owner can also create their own lighting scenes from their Control4 touch screens or even their own tablets and phones.


Additional features installed by Veritais include a party mode that transforms the entire house into a single zone for music or other entertainment.


Wi-Fi access is available throughout from 10 Cisco Enterprise-grade Access points providing a wireless mesh managed by a Cisco wireless controller. A full Cisco managed network allows the system to run lighting-fast meaning the whole home can be controlled from everybody at the same time without slowing down the system.


Other work carried out by Veritais in the Midlands region includes this home media centre in Nuneaton.


Main Equipment
  • Kaleidescape Movie Server
  • 5 x 19″ fixed racks 37U
  • Internet Radio
  • Party Mode
TV Areas
  • Invisible speakers
  • Kaleidescape Full HD Movie Streamer
  • Apple TV
  • Sky HD
  • Arabic TV
  • Control4 7″ Portable Tablet
  • Ultra HD, 4K Sony Android Televisions 55” to 43”
  • Yamaha Aventage AV Receivers
Music-Only Areas
  • Invisible speakers
  • Control4 7″ In-wall Touch Screen