Private Yacht - Veritais
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Private Yacht



About This Project

Completed in yearly upgrades starting in 2015, Veritais have completed a Beach Deck and Cinema Room Upgrade.


The Beach Deck benefits from a California Audio Technology concert-grade sound system made up of 6 in-ceiling speakers, 2 in-ceiling subwoofers, 2 Community Concert speakers and a dual 18″ floor standing subwoofer cabinet. The resulting sound produced is over 120dB, creating a true nightclub experience out at sea! The Visual element of the install is provided with 2 x 65″ 4K UHD TV’s, one installed in a ceiling-hinged lift, and the other in a waterproof enclosure above the pool. Guests can watch Satellite TV, Apple TV, Movies and even sing along to Karaoke.


The Cinema Room benefits from a commercial-cinema grade system consisiting of a JBL Synthesis 7.1 channel surround sound speaker system driven by 4 Powersoft Power Amplifiers producing over 900W through each speaker. A Symetrix DSP expertly programmed sends the correct audio segments to each speaker offering a truly immersive cinema experience. A Runco High Brightness projector produces crystal clear images from all of the connected sources, even with the automated curtains open, making this room useable as a normal TV room.


Control of both zones is provided by an iPad Mini running RTI software. The user interface has been completely designed for this project from scratch and matches the owners various homes around the world offering a very simple to use system.