MY Mystere Shadow - Veritais
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MY Mystere Shadow



About This Project

Completed in the summer of 2011, this project represents one of the most unusual commissions that Veritais has undertaken to date. This 50-metre vessel began life back in 1981 as a distinctly unglamorous offshore service ship, but more recently she was purchased by an owner who recognised that her voluminous helicopter hanger plus ample space on the lower deck made her an ideal craft for use as an all-out party location for operation in tandem with his conventional Superyacht.


The subsequent conversion created a vessel that not only has a spacious disco but also a full spa below decks. All the public areas have been equipped by Veritais with the best in audio-visual systems to ensure that owners and guests can enjoy a party atmosphere wherever they are on board.


The heart of the system is a ship-wide, Sonos multi-zone AV system based on a central server with 4TB capacity and the capability to store hundreds of movies and thousands of music albums and stream them in real time. Alongside the server sit eight SKY satellite decoders and together they distribute their HDMI signal to the hanger, owner’s area and the five crew cabins plus galley via top specification CAT6 cables to ensure a crystal-clear signal at all times.


The most dramatic space on board Mystere Shadow is undoubtedly the helicopter hangar, which has been totally remodelled to function not only as an onboard cinema with two, 220-inch projection screens, but also as a state-of-the-art automated disco complete with lighting effects, a motorised mirror ball with laser and two smoke machines. Four high power amplifiers connect via detachable waterproof sockets to four speakers producing a total of 2800 watts of sound. In the image above the hangar has been transformed once again, this time into a stunning dining space. The projector can be seen here hanging from the ceiling.


The below decks spa, shown above with its various treatment zones set into the walls surrounding a central relaxation area, is a remarkable space fitted out to the highest standards and a particular favourite with the owner. Here he required a comprehensive audio-visual and lighting package in order to have the capability to create a range of ambience options to suit his mood and the time of day.


Veritais installed a remote-controlled 135-inch motorised projection screen together with an HD Epson projector mounted on the ceiling. Five speakers plus a sub-woofer round off the audio system to give the full, surround-sound experience. A wide range of content is available, including the ability to access the full library of music and movies stored on the central server, plus satellite TV. A dedicated Blu-Ray player is available to play CDs, DVDs and HD discs, and files stored on standalone laptops can also be accessed via a VGA input.


Content held on guests’ iPods can also be played using a convenient docking station. The overall result is an area for the owner and his friends that provides the ultimate in relaxation.


  • Central movie and music server
  • 8 x SKY satellite decoders


  • Server connected digital music player
  • 4 x high power amplifiers
  • 2 x high power speakers
  • 4 x high power subwoofers
  • Full HD Projector
  • 180 degree motorised rotating mount
  • 220 inch front projector screen
  • iPod Dock
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • PlayStation 3/ Nintendo Wii
  • Colour touch-screen remote control


  • Server connected digital music player
  • 2 x high power amplifiers
  • 5 x high power speakers
  • Full HD Projector
  • Motorised ceiling mount
  • 135 inch motorised projection screen
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • Colour touch-screen remote control