MY Cute Little Cat - Veritais
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MY Cute Little Cat



About This Project

The installation on Cute Little Cat proved more challenging than most; being a production build. Space was limited and the owner wanted to keep as much storage space as possible meaning we had to get creative with equipment locations.


The main feature of this installation was the 100 inch motorized projection screen which was discreetly mounted into the deckhead above the Aft doors. This meant that the screen was hidden during day-to-day use when the Saloon TV would be used and “magically” revealed on movie nights. The projector itself was specified to provide front and rear projection so the guests could watch the movie in Ultra-HD, 4K either in the saloon or on the Aft Deck. Both zones benefit from a high performance surround sound system. Guests can watch Blu-Ray movies or Apple TV as well as a Mac Mini computer. All of these sources were distributed to the 4 video zones on board.


The master cabin received a 55″ OLED TV with Sonos system and can watch any of the central video sources.


The main audio distribution is controlled by the Sonos system which has access to online content including internet Radio as well as all of the music stored on a computer, hard drive or iTunes library. Music can be played all around the yacht in the Saloon, 4 guest cabins, and 3 deck areas.