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MY Burkut



About This Project

The upgrade on board Burkut was mainly software-based with a full rewriting of the Crestron programming. When we arrived at the yacht the crew had experienced a troublesome season following a poor install by the original Crestron installer. The original Crestron equipment, screens, amplifiers and DVD players have all been reused but are now working correctly following the reprogramming.


The system had clearly been added on in stages by various installers and the system was not working as a whole. For example the various areas around the yacht all had different wireless networks meaning guests had to manually connect every time they went to a different area. Now there is a single wireless network throughout meaning guests can connect once and not worry about it for the rest of the trip. The network was also extended to provide additional wireless coverage on the Sun deck which wasn’t previously covered.


With full wireless coverage throughout the system has now been reprogrammed to allow the Crestron iPads on board to be used throughout meaning guests can take one iPad and use it anywhere on board to control the system.