MY Babylon - Veritais
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MY Babylon


July 24, 2018

About This Project

Veritais was commissioned to specify and install a completely new audio-visual and IT system spread across 15 independent zones, each connected via a Cat5e network to a central media server.

The owner was also keen to have easy access to the internet and email, so the yacht required full Wi-Fi access. This was provided using eight internal wireless access points and a shore Wi-Fi repeater allowing connection to shore Wi-Fi hotspots up to six miles away. 3G capability was also required for when local services were not available.

The core of the system is a 4 TB media ripping drive for storing music and movies, along with a Control4 main processor and a satellite TV distribution system.


The entertainment deck
With a young family to consider, the owner designated the saloon on the bridge deck as the entertainment area specifically tailored to their needs.

For this Veritais fitted a comprehensive suite of equipment including a 55-inch LED TV, an HD media player for streaming music and movies direct from the central media server, a Sky HD decoder, PS3 and Wii consoles together with four controls each, a high-power amplifier with built-in Airplay for music streaming and associated speakers and subwoofer. An iPod dock is also available for the enjoyment of personal music tracks.

The entire system is controlled by an iPad with custom software. The result is an entertainment suite guaranteed to provide a diverse range of entertainment options and access to virtually unlimited content.


The largest screen of all, a 70-inch Sharp with 3D functionality, was installed in the saloon of the main deck for general guest entertainment. Linked to a media player and amplifier for full access to the central media library, Airplay and local Blu-ray player, remote control is again iPad based. An additional pleasing feature is the use of an electric blind decorated with an image selected by the owner which reveals the previously concealed screen when any viewing function is selected.

The owner’s suite is similar, although the screen is smaller at a still-generous 46 inches and there is a Sky HD decoder. The four guest cabins follow a similar pattern with 40 inch screens in the double cabins and 22 inch screens in the twin cabins.

Even the working areas of the yacht are well catered for when it comes to entertainment. They all have Airplay functionality and the bridge is fitted with a zone player with a touch screen controller for music along with six colour-coded Niles in-wall waterproof speakers.

The combined dining area, galley and crew mess is well catered for with a 48 inch monitor, HD media player and a high-power amplifier with airplay set-up. Even the crew cabins come with 10.2 inch, Alpine drop-down monitors fitted above each bunk. These have built-in DVD players and wireless headphones, and have access to the onboard CCTV.


For the enjoyment of music out on deck, Veritais used zone players plus 3 x 2000 watt amplifiers and waterproof speakers to give full access to the central music library from the aft swim platform and the foredeck seating area.

Overall the result is an exceptionally well equipped yacht designed to cater for all ages and with commendable consideration paid to the needs of the crew. The system is simple to operate and can be updated over time with minimal disruption. It will give the owner and his family many hours of relaxed, trouble-free entertainment.


  • 4TB CD/DVD/Blu-ray media ripping drive
  • 4TB media ripping drive
  • Control4 main processor
  • Existing satellite / TV distribution
  • Main 12U rack
  • Wi-Fi dual WAN router with 3G support
  • Full gigabit network with 8 wireless access points
  • Shore Wi-Fi System

Owner/Guest Areas

  • 46” Samsung LED TV
  • HD media player
  • High-Power Airplay amplifier
  • Sky HD decoder
  • iPad2 with Control4 software
  • Premium in-ceiling speakers x 6

Main Saloon/Upper Saloon

  • 70” Sharp 3D TV
  • HD media player
  • Blu-ray player
  • High-Power Airplay amplifier + iPod dock
  • iPad2 with Control4 software
  • Premium in-ceiling speakers x 5
  • Compact subwoofer


  • 46” Samsung TV
  • HD media player
  • High-Power Airplay amplifier + iPod dock
  • iPad2 with Control4 software
  • Premium in-ceiling speakers x 4

Deck Areas

  • 6-channel power amplifier x 4
  • Premium waterproof speakers x 18

Captain's Cabin


  •  22” Sony LCD TV with built-in DVD
  • Humax satellite decoder + distribution amp


Crew Cabins
  • 10.2” Alpine monitor with built-in DVD x 4
  • Wireless headphones x 4