Home Entertainment: Warwickshire - Veritais
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Home Entertainment: Warwickshire



About This Project

The home entertainment system has been built around a Sonos music system that provides the music throughout the property. A NAS server with 2 terabytes of storage has been installed to store thousands of music tracks for streaming to any room as well as storage for photos and movies viewable via Apple TV throughout.


LED TVs are installed throughout on wall-mounts, sizes ranging from 55-inch to 32-inch, with the kitchen TV installed on a motorised wall bracket. TVs are wired into the Sonos music system so the sound can be played over the in-ceiling speakers. Each of the zones can be controlled either by a dedicated portable controller or by using an iPad or iPhone equipped with the necessary app.


The snug is set up as a TV watching room with a 40″ wall-mounted TV and surround sound system with games consoles installed, along with an all-in-one Harmony remote for one-button activation of activities i.e. “Watch TV”.


Additional features installed in the home entertainment system by Veritais include a party mode that transforms the entire house into a single zone for music or other entertainment.


A CCTV system was also installed throughout to provide full coverage of the exterior areas 24/7.


Wi-Fi access is available throughout.


Veritais has installed LED strip lights in a number of areas to enhance the lighting effects.  In the pool area two types of LED strip lights were installed in the wall arches and around the perimeter of the pool’s lantern, allowing the effect of blue or warm white or a combination of both, all at the touch of a button. A  bespoke bookcase is backlit with LED strip lights and the staircase has been fitted with LED strip lighting to the base rail to provide low level lighting.



All strip lighting was supplied by InStyle LED.


The full range of services offered by Veritais also includes home cinema installation.


  • NAS server 2TB for media storage
  • Full lighting design and installation throughout
  • IT rack
  • Internet Radio
  • Party mode
  • Onkyo 5.1 AV Receiver
  • Surround sound cube speakers
  • Harmony Professional Touch Screen Remote
  • Sky HD Decoder
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • Apple TV
  • PlayStation 3
  • Television – Samsung 42″
Main Living Areas
  • Sonos Amplifier
  • Flush fit colour coded speakers
  • Sonos Portable Controller
  • Apple TV
  • Kitchen TV on electric Swing out Lift
  • Apple TV
  • Televisions – Samsung series 8 LED 55” to 32”
  • Sonos Amplifier
  • Waterproof performance speakers
  • Sonos Portable Controller
  • Television – Waterproof 42″
Music-Only Areas
  • Flush fit colour coded speakers
  • Sonos Portable Controller